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VersaSpa Sunless TanningIntroducing VersaSpaTM age-defying sunless tanning

Imagine...One system fulfilling diverse needs that are desireable and always in season...Where spa-like treatments spur heightened experiences...Where flawless quality and comfort meet. Imagine...One system that evokes the skin's youthfulness - soft, smooth, supple, where skin is quickly fortified and moisturized, bronzed, hydrated, beautiful.  

VersaSpa Tanning

MaginTanTM introduces VersaSpaTM the world's first Patent-Pending HVLP automatic skin treatment spa, that combines healthy skin therapies with state-of-the-art comfort technologies, offering you MORE value per square foot qand your clientele MORE comfort and choices than ever before.

With an open design, no lingering mist and built-in blow dryer, customers can now feel Relaxed, Comfortable, Warm & Dry before, during, and after their MaginTan
TM Experience.

THE EXPERIENCE MATTERS - Great Results - quietly
TM sets new standards as the first to present automated high volume, low pressure or (HVLP) turbine technology. A highly efficient air delivery process that moves air at an accelerated speed through our proprietary mist nozzles. This advantage allows clients to enjoy:

  • Greater, more efficient, coverage
  • Absorption without lingering mist
  • deeper, longer lasting results

Unlike other automatic booths which rely on an air compressor, the VersaSpa'sTM HVLP turbine is stored inside the spray column. This saves valuable space in your Salon, while also eliminating excess noise.

VersaSpa Standing Tanning Bed Healthy Options - Quickly
Far beyond the ordinary, VersaSpa
TM conveniently conceals up to three distinct health and beauty skin care solutions from one of the most advanced sunless skincare lines developed. Each pre-filled solution reservoir snaps in and out of place quickly and effortlessly making this a truly unique, value packed, fully-automated cosmetic spay. Now clients can tailor their needs and mix and match a variety of healthy skin applications.

  • PRE-SUNLESS HHYDRATION SPRAY - This Aloe Vera based skin conditioning, PH-balanced formula super-hydrates skin cells and neutralizes surface oils - improving the overall evenness of the sunless application.
  • WORLD-RENOWNED SKIN BRONZING SOLUTION - This authentic solution combines a proprietary ratio of DHA and Erythrulose for an unmatched cosmetic skin bronzing performance. This unique combination ensures natural-looking, rich golden color and longer-lasting results.
  • ANTI-AGING MOISTURIZER - A multi-use rejuvenating skin therapy that evokes the youthfulness of skin, and is also ideal for both UV and sunless clientele.
  • UV SKIN DEFINING MAXIMIZER - This revolutionary spray complex utilizes a proprietary hydrating blend of performance-drien ingredients with skin firming and anti-aging elements. The Maximizer uses the most potent blend of Tyrosine available.

Quality results - comfortably
VersaSpa Spray Tanning EZ-2Breathe
A first ever feature, to produce a fresh, comfortable atmosphere by incorporating a built-in air purification column, that draws any impure air away from the environment and into the column. It then passes through a lifetime filter that is automatically cleansed after each application session, leaving the interior clean and easy to breathe.

State-of-the-Art Comfort Technologies

VersaSpa Spray Tanning Woman Comfort-DryTM
Another innovative feature that leaves your client dry after every treatment by blowing soft and refreshing air gently up and down the treated area, securing each application into place.  This exclusive feature prepares the skin for a dry comfortable exit, or for an additional health and beauty skin treatment application, ultimately offering customers both a comfortable and confident feeling when exiting their session.

VersaSpa Spray on Tan Flexible options - conveniently
This valuable feature offers clients the choice to mist:

  • Full Body
  • Face Only
  • Legs Only

Simply use the LCD keypad to enter their height along with their desired skin treatment options. intelliSENSETM does the rest, automatically adjusting the spray nozzles to apply just the right amount of beauty solution to the chose area. HYou and your clientele are ensured an overall, flawless, and even application.

VersaSpa Spray on Tanning The Perfect Union - Quality meets Comfort
VersaSpaTM provides an all-encompassing, luxurious variety of skin care options that will leave your customers feeling comfortable, warm and dry, before, during AND after their experience, with world-renowned beautiful and healthy, natural-looking, long-lasting results to ensure that they'll keep coming back for more.

SIZE 5'8" x 4' x 7'5" high
COLOR Merlot or Black Base
VOLTAGE 115V-15 Amp / 230V - 7.5 Amp
WARRANTY 2 year limited

A comfortable experience for your clients. A profitable, desirable service for you.
MaginTanTM introduces VersaSpaTM - the worlds first ever HVLP automatic treatment spa that integrates an unbeatable combination of versatile features - top quality skin treatment solutions with NEW, State-of-the-Art automatic spa technologies - EZ-2BreathTM, Comfort-DryTM, and intelliSENSETM affordable priced for any establishment.

VersaSpa Sunless TanningOffer healthy, quick and convenient pampering choices to ALL your clientele.

Unique features:
  • Three concealed health and beauty solution reservoirs
  • Four age- defyng beauty solutions from whch to choose - (with more to come in the future)
  • High-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) driven
  • Fully automated with an open interior design
  • User-friendly LCD keypad
  • No air compressor - noise free, space - efficient
  • Lifetime maintenance-free filter cleansed after each session
  • Sanitized interior wash down cycle
  • Allows you to capture ALL your clientele with affordable treatment choices
  • Allows you to create personalized treatment packages

MagicTan Tanning BedUnparalleled client experience:

  • Warm-air blow dry after every treatment
  • Completely mist free application environment
  • Guaranteed flawless and even applications
  • Guaranteed natural-looking results
  • 3 health and beauty solutions from which to choose
  • Mix and match treatment options
  • Mist full body, face or legs only

We've made it possible for you to expand your offerings further to fully utilize your investment.

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