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SpaLight - Be a part of the 3 Billion Dollar Teeth Whitening Industry
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SpaLight Teeth Whitening  

Simple Service to Add.

Needing minimal training, no special expertise, and only the space necessary for a chair and our maneuverable SpaLight LED Stand. SpaLight can be implemented in your spa easier than virtually any other service.

A breakthrough in the Blue-Light Techonology, and our FDA & MSDS approved proprietary whitening gel is a profitable addition to your business.

Industry’s Finest Technology. By using the latest filtration techniques, SpaLight operates at a lower temperature than similar products, thus avoiding excessive irritation of the nerves in the teeth. SPALIGHT SYSTEM is very effective for teeth that have been stained by smoking or stained causing food and drinks, such as coffee and tea.

Quality Your Spa Can Trust. Safe & Effective SpaLight is a revolutionary technology that is clinically proven to get your client’s teeth their whitest.

Starting at $2200, the finest professional results in the industry and higher profit potentials.
52 Week Period 15 Minute
15 Minute
30 Minute
(use two 15 Min. sessions
back to back)
Sessions per Week $99 $149 $249
2 $10,296 $15,496 $25,896
5 $25,740 $38,740 $64,740
10 $51,480 $77, 480 $129,480
20 $102,960 $154,960 $258,960


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