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Leg Tanning Beds by Classic Legs

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The first and only device of its kind, The Leg Tanner by Classic Legs will immediately intrigue your clientele and attract more customers to your business. It's a totally new profit center that requires a minimum of only 25 sq. feet of your floor space.

THE LEG TANNER by Classic Legs was created to address the needs of customers who want to even the tanning of their legs to match the color of their mid section and face.

Our research shows that tanning beds tend to concentrate the majority of their light energy towards the middle of the tanning area. Because of this it is nearly impossible for customers' legs to "catch up" with the tan on their more easily tanned faces and mid section.

The Leg Tanner provides a solution that will increase your customers' overall satisfaction with their tans-and your salon.

Leg Tanning
Leg Tanning by Classic Legs
  • Delivered assembled, fits through 30" door
  • Out of the box and ready to tan in minutes!
  • The Class Act in Leg Tanning!
  • Easy to Operate, Portable
  • Contoured Acrylics
  • Max Session: 12 minutes
  • Tans Around Entire Leg
  • All Metal Construction
  • 38 Lamps @ 65 watts each
  • (L) 3' 6" x (W) 2' 5" x (H) 3'

by Classic legs...
THE choice in leg tanners.

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