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Software and Timers for Tanning Salons

Suntouch & T-Max

SunTouch Software


Suntouch is known for its ease of use for everything needed to run your tanning salon. From reports, time cards, mailing lists, to at least 5 tasks your employees will perform daily: adding a client, tanning a client, adding a client to a wait list for a bed, and making appointments (if you take appointments).

SunTouch keeps you in control of your business. The status of each room is color coded on the main screen, such as when a room is in use, when it needs to be cleaned, and when it needs maintenance. Utilize the SunTouch Register to record day-today sales, adjust product inventory, automatically assign employee commissions, update client records and much more!


SunTouch Software
  • Easy to Train
  • Secure from Theft
  • Powerful Reports
  • User Friendly

You get to enter products and services in words, instead of cryptic hard-to-decipher "codes", track inventory, employee hours and schedules, and more!

You select the Front Desk Controller
SunTouch Tanning Timer Select either a T-Max Manager Pro or the T-Max Manager for your front desk operaation. Each unit can control up to 64 in-room timers (use two units for up to 128 rooms).
With a computer system in your salon either of these units provide the computer interface for the timing system, as well as provide backup operation to keep the salon operational even if your computer crashes.
SunTouch Tanning Manager
TMMPRO Manager Pro
TMMGR Manager

You select the in-Room Timers

The T-Max 3A intercom has the same great features as the versatile 3A. In addition the 3A has the ability to call each room and each room can call you! Use the intercom master at the font desk, If your customer has any questions about the tanning bed operation thye only need to press the Call button and ask!
No more yelling down the hall!

TM3AI Intercom
TM3AM Master Intercom You can also broadcast a message to all rooms, play advertisements or instructions before and after a session.
TM3AM Master Intercom
TM3AI Intercom
TM3A Timer
The versatile T-Max 3A timer is installed in each tanning room. This allows the customer to start the tanning session from the room. The bright LED display constantly gives the customer both delay time and the time left in the session. The T-Max 3A can also be used as a stand-alone controller.

You add the options

TM3A Timer
TMMPL Monitor Plus

Place the T-Max Monitor Plus in your laundry or backroom and check the status of your rooms at a glance! Use the Adnet Repeater to boost the signal in larger salons.

T-Max timers are the manufacturers' top choice for in-bed timers. Simply connect a bed or booth with a built-in "T-Max certified" timer to your daisy-chain network and you are ready to go!

TMMPL Monitor Plus

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