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Modular Walls for Salons and Tanning Salons

Complete "Turn Key" Salon solutions is our goal.  A&E Tanning offers elegant modular wall systems, counters, and displays all custom designed to fit your individual needs and style.  Our custom modular tanning and treatment rooms are eligible for financing on a lease, unlike regular traditional framing and sheet-rock construction.

Advantages of Modular Tanning walls are:

  • Fresh Modern Trendy look
  • Choose your colors pre- painted or one of our laminates (saves the mess of paint over-spray in your salon)
  • Our rooms can be financed on a lease.
  • Warranty - Yes a 1 year warranty, what contractor will give you that?
  • If you move, you can take them with you. No longer does your landlord have

the cost of your build out to hold over your head when renegotiating a lease.  If you do not like your new terms, just move your salon for a fraction of the cost of starting a new one.  A new salon is less likely to come in and take your spot and use your goodwill if they have to pay for a new build out.

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